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Current Open Expedition Vacancies

If you have your own group of 4 or more participants we can organise a DofE Open Expedition at any time from March to October in a number of locations.

Open Silver practice walking expedition in the Ashdown Forest 27th -29th October 2014

Cost: £190 per person
Meet: at East Grinstead station
Start: 9am Monday 27th October
Finish: 4pm on the 29th October

£190 per person. We will meet at your home, school or other conventient place to all participants to help plan your expedition, ensure you have the kit you need and address any further training needs before your expedition. We then meet at East Grinstead station at 9am Monday 27th October to start your expedition and drop you back at East Grinstead at the end of the expedition at approximately 4pm on the 29th.
Contact Indie on 07818032443 or

“In April 2013 my group and I were anxious for our first out of school D of E experience, however it ended up to be our best D of E experience yet (despite the wet weather conditions!). Indie and Theo were amazing throughout the whole week, from the minute we stepped off the train, they were always there to help up along the way. Broadening our navigational ability, and learning techniques I had never even known existed, it was the most educational practice expedition of the three I have done.

But the education was not just limited to hiking and navigation, I learnt huge amounts about Dartmoor’s (where we were doing our expedition) geology and history, making it an even more rewarding experience.

I feel thoroughly prepared for my qualifying expedition, which I hope to do with Indie next summer. Thank you from all of us!” J. Ganis